Pike Place Market · Seattle · Seattle Center

Adventures in Seattle Day 1

The kids are excited to see their dad, who arrived a couple days before us. The week leading up to the trip we tried to get the kids ready for Pacific Standard Time(PST) by letting them stay up late and get up when they wanted to.  That along with arriving at Hotel Monaco at 11:30pm seems to have worked pretty good.  Everyone was up at 6:00am PST a bit sleep but ready for the day.

While we were living in Bellevue, WA the kids LOVED to ride the bus into Seattle.  That along with the cost of a rental car and parking fees($40 a day at the hotel plus the cost of parking the car away from the hotel) we decided that there would be no rental car while we were in Seattle.  Seattle has a free ride zone in the downtown area so most of the bus riding we do in Seattle should be free.

We started our day finding out how to get a weekly pass for the bus so we didn’t have to carry exact change with us.  That was not as easy as it should have been.  The directions on the internet sent us to the Convention Center on 7th Ave & Pike St.  They sent us to the Transit Center (Between 3rd Ave & 4th Ave on Pine St).  There we could get a card with money on it to use on the bus.  When we got to the window the machine was down so they gave us a card which would could load on the internet.  Of course the first card they gave us was not the right one.  Thanks to Scott having access to the internet via his cell phone we were able to discover this before we were too far away (street level). So we went back down and got the right card.  We decided to wait until we got back to the hotel to        try to put money on the new card.

It’s about 10:30 am now and I want to go to Pike Place Market to get some fruit for a snack.  We continue on Pine St towards the market making a stop at Nordstrom’s Rack to get Angie new sneakers.  When we get to the fruit stand we get our fruit (SWEET nectarines, strawberries & fruit chews).  With Vince and Angie having braces it made the fruit selections limited (Nectarines were for Scott and me). The excitement of Rainer Cherries being in season was quickly squashed quickly for Vince and Angie. Since we were meeting our friends at the Seattle Center in a few minutes we headed to the Monorail at Westlake Center.  


Here’s we are at Westlake center waiting for the Monorail.

The kids enjoyed riding on the carnival rides that are at Seattle Center.  Mary Frances and Monica, Angie’s best friend here, met us for a couple of hours of playing and having lunch.


All the walking made Phil and Angie tired so Scott took them back to the hotel for some down time.  I think they really wanted to watch Nickelodeon since we don’t get that at home anymore.  Vince and I walked back to Pike Place Market to look around and buy some more fruit.  The pictures below are from the market at Pike Place Fish.  Pike Place Fish is the place that is famous for throwing fish.  The guy in white is holding a string that is attached to a Monk Fish.  Every so often he pulls the string that moves the Monk Fish to scare unsuspecting bystanders. 🙂


Our evening was spent having dinner and playing games with our old neighbors.  We played Dominion.  Angie and Phil spent the evening playing with their friend Monica.  Monica and her mom drove us back to the hotel.

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