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Adventures in Seattle Day 2

The weather is beautiful here.  The sun is out!!!  Seattle is setting a record for the most number of days without rain for the months of May and June. 

Seattle 2009 052 Seattle 2009 058 Seattle 2009 060 Seattle 2009 061

The Undergound Tour was our first stop today. We arrived 5 minutes before the start of the 11:00 tour and bought the last 4 tickets (Phillip was free) for that tour.  Scott and I did a lot of laughing!!  There was a LOT of toilet humor and adult humor.  The tour guide did a good job with the jokes so Phil and Angie just couldn’t figure out why everyone was laughing.  Vince we had to clue him in a little then he was laughing.  We did learn a lot about the Seattle’s history especially how the current Pioneer Square was built .  Some things we knew other things were new to us.  I found it very interesting that we were constantly walking under the sidewalk when we were underground.  The other fascinating thing was that after the fire all the buildings were rebuilt so that first floor became the basement of the buildings after the road was complete.

After the tour it was time for a quick lunch. We went to a Subway restaurant.  It was a SMALL restaurant.  What was a little surprising is that there was no bathroom for us to use.  In case you don’t know Seattle at all you need to know that the majority of the homeless people are in the pioneer square area. They are there because the homeless shelters and missions are located in Pioneer Square.  Personally I don’t mind going to Pioneer Square during the day but  you won’t find me there at night.  Usually when you hear of a riot in Seattle it’s in the Pioneer Square neighborhood.  The sports stadiums are near by so the after the games you will find people heading to the bars in the Pioneer Square neighborhood.

Seattle 2009 050 Seattle 2009 051

Next stop was Magic Mouse Toys, located in the build picture above (I believe our tour guide said this building use to be a saw mill).  What a fun toy store.  Personally I HATE going into toy stores especially with the kids.  I enjoyed Magic Mouse Toy!  There were a few toys that the employees were playing with to encourage people to buy items.  One employee was playing with a monkey slingshot.  Both Phil and Vince got a turn shooting the monkey.  We didn’t buy the monkey but we did buy a ball that should drive Jimmy, our Yorkie, nuts.

Did you know that there is a National Park in Seattle’s Pioneer Square? The Klondike Gold Rush National Park is here.  The best part is it’s FREE!!!  The kids enjoyed this because they did the Junior Park Ranger activities and got their Junior Park Ranger badges and patch.  🙂 Everyone learned something here.  The exhibit is every clean and nice.  The park rangers were knowledgeable and friendly.  A BIG plus when you are traveling with tired kids.

Seattle 2009 062 Seattle 2009 063 Seattle 2009 064 Seattle 2009 065 Next was a quick stop at the Waterfall Garden.  We would have stayed longer but they were closing for the day so we were lucky we even got in.  If you ever get to Pioneer Square you should stop in for a few minutes.  The Waterfall Garden is surprisingly beautiful oasis in Pioneer Square.

By now the kids are tired!  We take a bus to get us close to Pike Place Market.  The kids love the fruit from the market.  We also like the cookies from Pike Place Bakery.

Time for and early dinner at the The Old Spaghetti Factory.  Who would have thought they would be busy at 4:30pm!  After dinner we retired for the day. Everyone was asleep by 8:30pm.

Guess who took the pictures today? There was one picture take of me at the underground tour here it is….

Seattle 2009 048

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