Adventures in Seattle Day 3

Today was devoted to spending time with friends.  We took a bus to Bellevue Square to have sushi at Blue C Sushi with Eugenia and John Stull.

Seattle 2009 068 Seattle 2009 069

If you not sure what kind of sushi you like I would recommend going to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant so you can choose what looks good but only has 2-4 pieces.  This way you don’t get stuck with a whole roll of something you don’t like.  The kids enjoyed watching the plates go around and picking what they got to eat. 

We briefly walked through Bellevue Square after lunch until our friend, Mary Frances, picked us up to spend the rest of the day with her family.  We got a chance to catch up with them and the kids all got to see each other and play.

Look at the pictures below:  Vince and Andrew are both going into 7th grade  look at the size difference (Andrew is almost 9 months older the Vince).  Now look at the height difference between Angie, Monica and Phillip.  Angie is 9 months older than Monica. Patrick is going into 10th grade and when standing next to Vince and Andrew his is between them in height.

Patrick  Vince & Andrew Phillip, Angie, & Monica

We ended our day by attending mass at St. Louise, our old parish. We saw many friends and familiar faces.  We forgot to see all the changes that have happened with the construction of the new school that is in process.  We still have time here so we may get to go by there again.

Angie is have a sleep over at Monica’s house tonight.  The girls couldn’t be any happier!!

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