Adventures in Seattle Day 4

We had to pack all of our stuff up since today we are moving to the Marriot at Redmond Town Center.  We checked out of the Monaco and had our bags stored until we were done walking around the city today.

Seattle 2009 002 Seattle 2009 003

Off to the international district we go!!  The first thing we see when we get off the bus and go up the escalator  is the archway picture above. I think this archway is part of Hing Hay Park.  Notice the dragon on the light pole.  We saw several of these while we were in international district.  The first thing the boys say after getting off the bus is “I have to go to the bathroom”.  So we went in search of restroom that we could use. We ending up at Uwajimaya, Asian Groceries and Gifts.  Uwajimaya is the only place that I wanted to go to in the International District.  We walked around the store going “I wish we had a store like this by our house”.  Besides our friends here we we REALLY miss the food choices both restaurants and groceries.

Seattle 2009 009 Seattle 2009 010

Uwajimaya had an AWESOME food court so we had lunch while we were here.  I was surprised to find Thai Iced Tea in a can.  YUMMY!!!  Phil had sushi, California roll, again.  Scott, Vince and I tried a hot bento box (see the picture above) with salmon, pork, and teriyaki chicken.  For dessert we had chocolate Mochi ice cream(click on the link for a description of Mochi). Everything was delicious.   In case you are wondering about Angie she was still with her friend Monica.  Phil was fascinated by the live fish (fish, crabs, lobsters, oysters, and goeducks), see the pictures below.  The four of us enjoyed walking around and looking at all the food, drooling and wishing we had as store like this close to home.

We had one more stop we(I) wanted to make before leaving Seattle.  We hoped on the bus and headed to the Nordstrom’s Rack. After we were done shopping we walked back to get our bags.  Now picture this (I really should have a picture taken)… It’s just the 4 of us (Scott,  Vince, Phillip and me) as Angie is still with Monica, we have 5 backpacks (2 with wheels, thank goodness), 3 suitcases, and a cooler we are walking to the bus stop 2 blocks from the hotel.  Then we have to get onto the bus and find a place to sit.  Luckily people moved for us and we didn’t have try and walk down the aisle, which Scott tried to do and didn’t have much luck getting the suitcase through.  We arrive at Redmond Town Center and of course the Orcas card to pay for the bus ride STILL isn’t working.  Lucky for us some of the Orcas machines on the buses aren’t working and we got a nice driver who said I trust you that you have money on it.  :)  Again we are walking another 2-3 blocks from the bus stop to the hotel with our luggage.  We check in, deal with the stressed out Grandmas trying to handle a fax machine and a realtor, have Angie returned to us, and learn the pool is closed so the kids can’t go swimming within the first hour of being at the hotel. 

Internet access at the hotel is another short story.  First I need to tell you that if the internet access is not free then I don’t have access to the internet on this trip.  At the Hotel Monaco it was included with our stay.  At the Marriot we have to pay for it.  But wait!  Scott has internet access via his cell phone.  So we were going to just tether his phone to my laptop when I wanted to access the internet.  There were some files that weren’t on my laptop so that wasn’t going to work.  So Scott set up adhoc wireless network between his laptop and mine.  Now when Scott has internet I have internet.  It’s really amazing what we can do with technology and someone who knows what they are doing.

Since the kids couldn’t go swimming we decided to walk to Marymoor Park so the kids could play.  The walk took us along the Sammamish River.  We got to see geese, ducks, and blackberry vines. After playing at the park for awhile we headed back  towards the hotel for dinner.  Decisions, decisions, decisions… for dinner we had several choices Claim Jumper, Desert Fire, or Acapulco Fresh.  We decided on Acapulco Fresh for burritos.  Wow, I just asked Angie how Acapulco was spelled and she got it!!! She pictured what the word looked like at the restaurant and spelled it back to me.

The pool still wasn’t open when we returned to the hotel. We were relaxing in the room and then next thing we know Phillip is asleep!!  That must have been about 6:00pm and he was out for the count.  Vince, Angie and I walked to Half Price Books to look around.  After dropping Angie off at in the hotel room Vince and I walked to the grocery store to get supplies for breakfast.  By the time we got back Angie was
asleep for the night (by 8:30). I guess the kids are getting tired here.

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