Adventures in Seattle Day 5

We had a lazy morning in the hotel room.  The kids got to go swimming.  The pool is outside so they got cold quickly.  I think they might have made lasted a 1/2 hour in the pool. 

Once they were dressed we headed to Crossroads mall for lunch.  Right after we got off the bus we found a conveyor belt sushi place, Sushmi. After lunch we spent 45 minutes walking around Crossroads mall.  Then it was off to the 2:00 showing of Up.  Up was a good movie, I even enjoyed it and I don’t like cartoons.

Once the move was done it was time to decide whether to eat dinner or go swimming first.  Since it was nice out we decided to let the kids swim before we had dinner at Claim Jumper.  Since Cold Creamery is a cross the street from the hotel we stop for ice cream and brought it back to the room. 

That’s it for our uneventful day.

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