Vancouver, BC

Off to Vancouver, B.C.

Angie and I got up early to take the bus to the airport to pick up the  rental car (a Chevy HHR) from the airport.  After a quick drive to back to the hotel we loaded the car. 

Crossroads, Vancouver, BC 010

The kids have been asking about our old house so we drove past it, pictured above.  We stopped long enough to take a couple of pictures.  Then we were off to Vancouver. Thanks to our friends for suggesting that we cross the border on near Langley instead at Blaine.  There was no wait and we were off.

Crossroads, Vancouver, BC 037

As we walked to our room the concierge offered us ice cream bars.  Above is a picture of Phil eating his (I didn’t grab the camera until everyone else was done).

Crossroads, Vancouver, BC 032 Crossroads, Vancouver, BC 033

When we arrived at the hotel room the kids were amazed!!! This is the nicest room we’ve had so far and the best deal.  Above you find Scott geeking out with his laptop within minutes of getting into the room. The pictures below show the view from our 19th floor suite.

Crossroads, Vancouver, BC 036 from the bedroom to the side of the balcony

big view this is about 10 pictures stitched together

Since it was already 3:00 when we got settled we decided to wait until tomorrow to go to the suspension bridge.  Today we would went to Metrotown mall.  Scott and Vince like to go play games at the arcade.  They were disappointed to discover that the arcade was gone. We did do a little shopping while we were at the mall.  Phill and Angie got new swimsuits. I got to go shopping at LaSenza (the only place I will buy my bras from).  I was happy to be here while they are having their semiannual sale.  Not only I did I get to save on the shipping but the bras where only $9.  SCORE!!

We returned to the hotel to enjoy an hour of swimming.  The kids had a snack and crashed for the night.  :)  Scott and I enjoyed a nice glass of wine finally!!!  We’ve been saying we were going to open the bottle every night and each night we went to sleep without opening the bottle.  The bottle of wine was given to Scott on one of his business trip to Seattle.

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