Capilano Suspension Bridge · Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, B.C. Day 2

What do all kids want to do when they stay at a hotel??  SWIM!!!! And watch cartoons.  We start and end our day by swimming and watching cartoons.

The one thing that I’m having a hard time getting use to in Canada is Loonies and Toonies (hope I spelled those right).  Loonies is the $1 coin and Toonies are the $2 coin.  When I buy something I really have to STOP and think when the cashier hands me a handful of change and a $5 bill.  Of course Scott and I have to make sure we don’t have any of the coins when come home because the US banks won’t take them and we can’t spend them in the US. 

We went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  Vince did his research on what there is to see in Vancouver before we came and found the suspension bridge.  While it is a bit pricey it was a fun.  I just downloaded the pictures off my camera and we took 212 pictures at the suspension bridge, that’s what happens when I give the camera to Vince and Scott.  I’ll pick a few to include in this post.

Capilano Suspension Bridge 024 Capilano Suspension Bridge 034 Capilano Suspension Bridge 065 Capilano Suspension Bridge 068

The above pictures are of the Capilano Suspension Bridge at the entrance side of the park. Angie was not happy that we made her cross this!  She did not like how much it moved(It moved a lot!).  The trip to the other side took awhile as she moved slowly and wanted to turn around and not go.  She was going to get to the other side to the Treetop Adventures that she thought would be fun.  The return trip across this bridge was much quicker.

Capilano Suspension Bridge 137 Capilano Suspension Bridge 139

The pictures above Vince, Scott, Angie and Phil are on a bridge for the Treetop Adventures.  I’m on another bridge or landing taking the picture.  I really think that these smaller bridges made it easier for Angie to cross the Capilano bridge again.

Capilano Suspension Bridge 187

Just another view of the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

For the first time on all of our stays at a Kimpton hotel we made it to the wine hour.  The kids enjoyed playing the Wii and Scott and I got to enjoyed some wine. 🙂 We meet a nice couple who were originally from Chicago area and now live in the Bay area.

For dinner we did take out in our room.  Scott, Vince and I had Gyros from across the street, Angie had McDonalds, and Phil had Mac and Cheese from the grocery store.  Scott retired for the night early and I took the kids to the pool for one more swim before bed.

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