Boy Scout Jamboree Fundraising

I’m proud of my son doing his best to raise the money he needs to attend the Boy Scout National Jamboree in 2010.  The annual Boy Scout popcorn sale starts and a few day and he’s very excited.  Tonight I set up his online selling account so our friends and family can help support him.  Below is the letter that he (we) are sending to friends and family so if you would like to help just follow the directions below.


From my son Vince:

I have been selected to attend the 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia! This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity! I will get to live in a tent city with the other 43,000 Scouts and Volunteer Leaders.

The Jamboree will celebrate the 100th year Anniversary of Scouting and reflect the skills of Scouting – physical fitness, environmental conservation, national heritage and the true spirit of Scouting. Not only will I build on my skills, I’ll get to have lots of fun rappelling, discovering scuba, kayaking, rafting, archery, doing bike-a-thons and much more!

I am relying on the Trail’s End Popcorn Sale to help raise the ($ 1995) I’ll need to attend the Jamboree. It’s easy to help! Simply click on the website below and order your favorite treats!


My ID Code: 2694274

When you arrive at the website, just enter my Scout Popcorn ID code into the box, and enter your name and address so they will be able to ship the popcorn to you.

50% of the purchase price for all the delicious popcorn, trail mix, almonds and yogurt pretzels will go to my Jamboree account.

Plus, everything you buy will be shipped directly to you!

I’m really excited about going to the Jamboree! Please go to today to help get me there.

Thanks in advance!

Vince Seely

P.S. Feel free to forward my email to anyone that may be willing to help me reach my goal!

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