Week 1 of My Journey to Run a 5K


It’s 2010 and I’ve decided that before I turn 40 I’m going to start running and run a 5k this year.  I hope to also run a 10k.

I’ve just completed week 1 of running.  I started running on January 5th.  I had planned on being on the treadmill for 20 minutes of run 1 walk 3 plus 5 minutes of warm up and cool down.  At about 12 minutes of the 20 minutes my boys came home from school and yelled “Mom Angie is a car rider today!”.  Ooops I forgot I was suppose to pick her up from school. Since it’s winter I quickly threw on some warmer clothes and went to pick up Angie.  Thus ending my workout for the day without a a cool down.

Day 2 of running occurred 2 days later.  I was able to complete my workout of Run 1 walk 2 for 30 minutes. 

Today marks my 3rd day of running.  Today I ran 2 walked 1 for 15 minutes.  While I didn’t run as long it felt GREAT to do more running then walking.  I have been amazed a by a few things during this week. 

  1. That I can run at a 5.2 MPH pace.
  2. That my body does not feel so cold when I’m sitting and watching tv or knitting.
  3. That this little bit of exercise has given me more energy to get things done.
  4. That my body CRAVES water for the rest of the day after I run.

What no one tells you to include in your running program is that you should be doing lots of kagels!!! Especially if you have given birth to at least one child.

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