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Filling the Gap


It’s been one year and almost 4 months since a last posted.  Let’s fill in the gap a little. 

Let’s start with the non Geekette side.  Since my last post on training for a 5k (January 12, 2010) I’ve completed 2 5ks with minimal training.  Although my times weren’t great (41:34.7 and 44:11).  I was better prepared for my 2nd 5k I was not prepared for the heat so I ended up having to walk the last mile.  I’m just going to keep running and in 2012 I’ll do a 10k.  After (later that day) my first 5k I went camping that day and sprained my ankle as we packed up from camping.  The ankle was feeling good by the time I did my 2nd 5k on July 4th.  On August 5th I sprained that ankle again while camping at the same campground.  It’s time to let new injury heal.  With a little luck I’ll be able to run the 5k on September 24th (the same race as my first race) and beat the 41:34:7 time.

For 7 months I volunteered to Microsoft Office 2003 to grades 5-8 at Prince of Peace School. I really enjoyed my time working with the children. I was able to teach them about Word, Excel and Power Point. Now I’m more efficient at using Word, Excel and Power Point. I have improved my trouble shooting skills when a computer is not working right. Smile And occasionally the students even taught me a thing or two that I didn’t know especially in Power Point. In the future I may share some of my MS Office knowledge on my blog. Teaching computers would be a really fun job but right for now I’ll stick with sharing my knowledge with friends and family and continue writing code.

On to the the Geekette side. I’ve been working with with Scott to develop apps for the Windows Phone 7.  We have released two games written using C# and  Silverlight LadyBotz and LadyBotzLite to the marketplace.  LadyBotzLite is an ad supported version of LadyBotz.  Scott and I competed in a WP7 Hackathon in March where we created a prototype for our next app.  This app will be using some of the new features in Mango.

Onward and Upward

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