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Canning Chili with Beans


Yesterday I received a 13 LARGE tomatoes.


There is now way that my family could eat all of these before they spoiled.  Plus Scott had cooked a large batch of dried pinto beans.  So I decided that I could make chili.  To save space in the freezer I decided to can the chili.  I chose not to put meat into the chili.  I ladled the chili into sanitized quart jars.  Then pressure cooked the chili for 90 minutes at 10 lbs. of pressure.

Steps for pressure canning

1. Add 2-3 inches of water to the pressure cooker.

2. Bring the water to a boil in the pressure cooker with the jars in the cooker.

3. In a separate pan heat water to a boil add the lids for the jars to the pan.

4. Ladle hot chili into the sanitized jars leaving 1 inch of “head room” or space.

5. Remove any air bubbles.

6. Secure lid with a band and return to pressure cooker.

7. Once all the jars are filled that fit into the cooker or you run out of chili place the lid on the cooker.  Leave the weight off

[Make sure you put it on properly.  When I put it on backwards (which did not go on very easily) my pressure cooker Howled/Whistle/Screamed so loud at <5 lbs. of pressure it hurt my head. By backwards I mean off by 180 degrees. It took my 15 year old to figure out what was wrong.]

8. Turn heat on.

9. When a solid stream of steam comes out you can put the weight on.

10. Monitor the cooker until it reaches 10 lbs. of pressure.  You will still need to monitor it afterwards to make sure that it stays at 10 lbs. of pressure by adjusting the amount of heat.

11. Set a time for 90 minutes once 10 lbs. of pressure has been reached.

12. After 90 minutes turn off the heat and wait for the pressure to be completely gone before opening.

13. Open cover way from you for safety.

14. Leave jars in the cooker for 5 minutes after opening before removing with a jar lifter.

15. Let stand for 24 hours and the verify that the jars are sealed by pressing the center of the lid. If it does not pop back then it has sealed.

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