No More Excuses


Wow where does the time go. It’s been 10 days since my last post. It’s been an unusually warm March for the Midwest.  It’s been in the high 70s-mid 80s for 2 weeks.  I see so many people outside running when I drive home from work.  It makes we want to get out and run too.  I keep thinking of  NBC’s The Biggest Loser theme “No Excuses” but yet I keep finding excuses.  “I’m too tired to get up early.”  “I don’t feel like running this early.” “There’s not time tonight because I have to get the kids to X, Y and Z.  Then it’s bed time.” Last night my excuse was “I have to get my volunteering paperwork done.”  SIGH!!

OK enough negative talk.  So what I have I done in the last 10 days.  I’ve run a little over 9 miles in 2-3 mile blocks.  for the first time since having pneumonia I was able to run almost all of 3 miles at a pre pneumonia pace.  While it’s a slow 13 minute/mile pace it was nice to be able to run without having to walk.  The only reason for walking was the incline.

Today I set my alarm for 5:10 (instead of 4:45) and was able to get out the door and run.  All day I’ve had so much energy that I’m thinking I need to do this more often.  Since I’m doing an 8k on Sunday, which will be the longest distance I’ve run (or run/walked) I’ll be slowing my pace down.  Tomorrow I plan to go for walk either with the dogs or the adult Scout leaders.  Today was a great reminder of why I should get up and exercise in the morning.

I love that my 15 year old is giving me advise about running, stretching and strengthening exercises.  I’m so happy that he decided to go out for track this year.  He’s doing distance running and has been running with the Varsity boys.  I’m confident he will do great at track.  In the fall he plans to do cross country.  He doesn’t like me making excuses and is totally encouraging me to keep running.

Follow me on Twitter and see how I’m doing at the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday.   I’ve set it up so that I plan to post a pre-race message, 5K split, finish split (8K) and post-race message (thanks to technology). 

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