Jeanious Note · Visual Studio

navigatIng to files in Visual Studio 2013

This is a Jeanious Note, a note I keep for myself and share with the Internet. I hope this helps someone else too. 🙂

Situation: I just joined a new team that has existing code. I have navigated to a file by using F12 to find where a method is defined. But now I don’t know the location (folder and project) the current file that is open.  The image below say I want to find where HomeController.cs is located.  I have two options.  The first to to click the icon to “Sync with Active Document” which I have circled in Red.


By clicking the “Sync with Active Document” icon can now see that the HomeController.cs is located in the Controllers folder.


But what I really want is to always see the location of the currently active document without having to click the icon every time.  What needs to be done is to go to tools->options. under “Projects and Solutions” check the box that says “Track Active Item in Solution Explorer”


That’s it.

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