Since I was a child I have enjoyed doing crafts and the great outdoors.

When I was 10 years old my mother and an aunt taught me how to crochet and I’ve been crocheting ever since.  As a child I would crochet items for my dolls.  During my late teens early twenties I was making baby afghans and experimenting with different stitches.  As I started having children in the mid 1990s I worked on advancing my skills. In 2002 I joining the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). The wonderful ladies I meet through CGOA motivated me to pursue my interested in designing items. In the fall of 2006 I joined a pray shawl group at my church.  Here I was been blessed with the opportunity to share my love of crocheting with others by creating prayer shawls and help other learn to crochet and/or to assist as they take up crocheting again.

During the summer of 2008 I found that I had 3 weeks with not much I could do.  I embraced these weeks as an opportunity to learn how to knit.  By the of the end of the 3 weeks I had almost completed a scarf and taught my 12 year old son to knit.

I enjoying the many scouting adventures I have gone on with my boys (and my daughter).  I’ve coordinated several campouts and many fundraising activities for my kids troops ( Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts ).  I’m looking forward going on high adventures with my kids in the coming years and watching them grow to be responsible young adults.  As my children are growing up I have become more involved with the Boy Scouts of America.  I have held a variety of positions such as committee member, den leader, assistant cub master, and assistant scoutmaster.  In 2017 I will be attending the National Jamboree for the Boy Scouts of America as an 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster for a troop in my current council.

Professional Career

I left the workforce in 1999 care for my children. During those years I continued to advance my programming knowledge by learning how to use front page to share pictures and information with family members that lived far away from us. I attend conferences, user groups and training events to ensure that continued to know what the current technologies are. Knowing the need for developers to have access to inexpensive training opportunities I became involved with the team organizing Chicago Code Camp since 2009. I became a key organizer of thatConference, NFP, http://www.thatconference.com, (August 2012) I worked with a team of volunteers to provide a quality, affordable conference that is located in the Midwest. I spent 6 months teaching 5-8th grade Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) along with improving their typing skills at a local school. In 2011 I developed two mobile apps that are available in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace and prototyped a few more apps.

I returned to the workforce in 2011. I have work with a variety of technologies: SharePoint, .Net, ASP.Net, MVC, C#, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Azure, Angular and more. I’ve worked in a variety of industries (warehouses, health care, factories, and travel). Over the years I have managed Friseton, LLC, learning new technologies, and managed The Jeanius Factory, Inc.  Recently I have made a change from being a software developer to being a business analyst/project manager.  

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